Travel and Hotel Booking Tips

Hotel Tips on reservations and room service to make your next hotel visit more enjoyable

Staying at a hotel on vacation or for business can sometimes be a hassle. However, with some planning and by following these hints, your stay can be convenient and enjoyable! From reservations to check out, there are some simple guidelines which will make your stay worthwhile.

How can I save money on my hotel room rates?

  • Don't book at the first low price you see. Check prices online over the period of a few days (or weeks, time permitting). The prices may go up or down. Either way, you'll become familiar with what's a good hotel deal and what's not.
  • Always book your hotel reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure room availability. A limited amount of the cheapest rates are only usually available to the first few that reserve on a particular date: and they get over quickly.
  • Being flexible about your travel plans can save you money.
  • The best rates are found during the off season and at other times when the Hotel tends to have empty rooms. Business Hotels in the downtown area will often have specials on the weekend when their customers are home. Resorts often have specials during the week.
  • Check Weekly rates, Weekend specials or Special Internet Rates.
  • There's good news and bad news the closer you book to the date of travel like Last minute rates. It will be harder to find a room, but, when you do, you'll probably be rewarded with a rock bottom rate.
  • Check suite rates. The Hotel might have a suite available to meet your needs that would be less expensive than two separate rooms. Remember to check on the bathroom arrangement, you may find having only one bathroom too limiting.
  • Most of the time a hotel consolidator will give you better rates as they buy large blocks of rooms and often will pass their large discounts on to the individual consumer.
  • Always check for combo deals. You might be able to save by booking your room along with a certain airline, rental car or attraction ticket package.
  • You can apply coupons, but read the coupons carefully for exceptions and their terms of use.
  • Apply any special discount programs for which you are eligible.

How can i find the best hotel?

You can check some of these issues if they are important to you.
  • Ask around and consider their customer service record. What ratings have they received from independent rating organizations?
  • Evaluate their franchise for consistency. Many Hotelís are franchised so youíll want to see how the particular location fits into the Hotelís chain. Find out how the chain rates this particular property within their organization.
  • Consider their Hotel policies, are they favorable to you or do they penalize you in some way.
  • Find out what partnerships they have that could save you money in other areas. Many Hotels have agreements with airlines, rental car or credit card companies.
  • Check the Hotel Chain's locations. Does their Hotel chain have locations where you travel? Do they have international locations?
  • Check the individual hotel's location. Is their airport hotel really close to the airport?
  • Evaluate their facility. When were the rooms last remodeled? Does it have the types of features you need? How well does it suit your need for the quick overnight stay or the week long resort vacation? Do they have business suites or meeting rooms available if you need them? Does the particular Hotel you want to stay in located in a safe part of town? Is any major construction going on in the area around your Hotelís location? Will there be any large groups staying at the Hotel that could negatively impact your stay?
  • Do they offer the types of extra services you need? Do they have a concierge, shuttle or laundry service?
  • See if they offer a Premium or Loyalty Club that feature the services you need.
  • Consider their rates and the availability of any coupons or discounts. See who offers the best overall deal for your budget.

How to make your stay more comfortable?

To ensure the best possible hotel stay with the least amount of worry, follow these helpful guidelines which will make your stay worthwhile.
  • Please call up the hotel for the proper check in time and ask specific questions about the nearby area and the provided services.
  • When checking in, provide your confirmation number and check that you are getting what you requested. Sometimes mistakes do happen, so please try to be understanding and the clerks will do all that they can to make your stay comfortable. Most sites only provide two keys per room as a security precaution, not to inconvenience anyone. Some sites will require a key deposit, refundable at check out. Always request a card with the hotelís name, address and telephone information in case you get lost exploring the place.
  • Upon entering your room, immediately check that it will accommodate your needs. If you wait until later in the evening, it may not be possible to change rooms, or get the things you need. Some hotels offer 24 hr housekeeping services, but if not, then you may have to wait until morning. Ask for irons, hair dryers, extra soap or shampoo at this time to save some inconvenience. Itís also a good idea to bring along swimming towels, so as not to make repeated calls for towels during your stay.
  • Special needs include handicap accessible rooms, extra cots, or a refrigerator. Ask in advance if the hotel has elevators and accommodations for those with disabilities. If not, they must know in advance if you need a first floor room to be able to accommodate you! Regarding smoking preference, please keep in mind that just because a person was assigned a non smoking room does not mean that previous occupants did not smoke.
  • At the end of a hotel stay, checking out should be a pleasant experience as long as there are no surprises. If youíve paid by credit card and do not wish for a copy of your receipt, simply call the front desk and ask them to check you out. Be sure to leave your keys on the desk. If you happen to take the key with you, there may be a additional charge added on to your bill. Otherwise, ask to see a copy of your room statement before checking out, to ensure that the charges are correct. Check the room thoroughly before vacating, including drawers, closets and the bathroom, especially behind the shower curtain and the back of the bathroom door.
  • Staying within the hotel, the front desk clerk is trained to handle problems without involving the manager, so state your complaint clearly and allow them to arrange a remedy. From forgotten toothbrushes to room relocations, front desk clerks offer the quickest and most direct assistance.

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How can i get access to business services and the Internet around the hotel?

Fedex This site contains a searchable database with contact information and maps for Fedex in the United States and several foreign countries.

Free Internet Service This site contains a listing of free Internet Service, deals, promotions.

How can i find the closest ATM to my hotel?

How safe are Hotels?

Hotels, especially of the four and five star category are normally extremely safe, providing you with a safe in the room and at the reception area, security guards hiding around the place, and surveillance cameras around the place. However still things do occasionally disappear, sometimes without the owner ever knowing that they have gone.

Never leave valuables in soft/material bags with pockets. This avoids any potential of somebody simply splitting a seam to a pocket with a knife and removing select contents. This has happened to one of our friends and he never even noticed until he went into the and bag and pocket a while later.

Never get drunk and invite a stranger to your room. This seems funny, indeed, but better safe than sorry.

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