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Itís true that Aruba is a vacationerís dream. But Aruba is also a thriving country. Is home to 100,000 Arubans representing over 40 nationalities. Is several hundred years of history and art and culture. Is a geological anomaly Ė blue, Caribbean water in the same picture frame as green, desert cactus.

Aruba is a proud, happy, welcoming, easy-going, sun-loving island that enjoys more return visitors than any island in the Caribbean. We hope that the more you know, the more youíll want to plan your first trip.

Aruba's beaches, considered among the best in the world, are marked by white sands and cyrstal clear waters.

Arashi Beach and nearby Boca Catalina are located just south of the lighthouse near the northwestern tip of Aruba and is known for terrific snorkeling.

Palm Beach is famous for calm waters and is located right in front of the major resorts.

Eagle Beach provides shaded picnic areas and plenty of parking right off the main road. Several hotels are nearby, just across the street from the beach.

Rodgers Beach features a slightly rough surf. It is located close to the Baby Beach, and offers shady areas and shower facilities.

Baby Beach, known for its tranquil swimming cove, is located in Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of the island, near the oil refinery.

Spas in Aruba are numerous in quantity, style and options but each presents a perfect way to reclaim a sense of wellbeing with a diverse menu of treatments, half-day and full-day packages at your disposal. Situated in lush tropical surroundings, surrender to full body treatments that include Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy and nourishing Wraps.

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Make reservations early. Some hotels in Aruba cut off online reservations 1 to 3 days before check-in time.

When you make a hotel reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Print a copy of this message to take with you ... and don't delete the original email until you have completed your stay and know you have been billed correctly.

Some of our partners offer discount rates for corporate and government employees, AAA and AARP members, seniors, and other special groups. But they do not base the cost codes on these discounts.

Off season room prices in ; may be much lower than our cost codes indicate. This is especially true for coastal hotels during the winter.

The earlier in the day you check into a Aruba hotel, the more likely you will get a room or suite that matches your preferences.

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